Live Training Systems Interactive Multimedia Instructions Development and Pilot Training Evaluation Events

Live Training Systems Interactive Multimedia Instructions Development and Pilot Training Evaluation Events


The Product Manager for Training Devices (PM TRADE) is the Army’s solution provider for collective instrumented live training systems. PM TRADE’s mission is to improve Soldier readiness, in peace and war, by leading lifecycle management of collective Live Training capabilities that enhance the Integrated Training Environment at Home stations, Combat Training Centers, and deployed locations and to provide our Soldiers realistic training solutions to ensure they are the best trained force in the World.

PEO STRI has issued a statement of work that defines the detailed terms describing specific tasks that PM TRADE desires to be executed in support of Live Training Systems (LTS) Interactive Multimedia Instructions (IMI) development and pilot training evaluation events.

It also defines the work efforts to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate an Interactive Multimedia Instructions level four product that can be hosted and accessed both on the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) and as a mobile APP (Android & IOS systems) on the TRADOC APP Gateway (TAG) for the Bradley Combat Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems (CVTESS).


Additionally, the contractor shall perform a 12 month Pilot Training Evaluation (PTE) event of the initial and sustainment training programs comparing the Bradley CVTESS IMI and the IWS JPA to their respective existing Instructor Led Training (ILT) programs to determine their educational value, training effectiveness, capabilities and limitation, knowledge and skill retention rate, suitability, and cost effectiveness to ultimately reduce sustainment costs through enhancing Operator and Maintainer training with an emphasis on the Learning-Centric model.

The U.S. Army Learning Concept (ALC) 2015 states the Learner-Centric model is a necessity in developing Soldiers and leaders who are capable of meeting the challenges of operational adaptability in an era of persistent conflict. The execution of ALC 2015 is detailed in the Army Learning Model (ALM), which calls for learner-Centric outcome-based education and training.